My Purpose as an Elder

I claim that I am an old man as I am currently 67 years of age. And I am very happy to be old, I feel very honoured and blessed. I have witnessed many ups and downs in my lifetime and experienced many events. Now, if I do not share my knowledge then it becomes meaningless and will lose all its value. If I do not share my knowledge to its fullest, then my sons and grandson will not learn and will never be rich in knowledge to eventually achieve success. If my children cannot become good people then they would not be caring and loving towards us.

We should get out of the general notion or myth that academic knowledge is the only knowledge and others are meaningless. This attitude needs to be changed. And today we have taken a step towards that change starting from me and I would love to keep contributing for my thoughts for the present and future generations to learn from.

The same way today we have taken down Chatyang Master’s experiences similarly, in the coming days we can also chronicle the experience of other elders. Just becoming literate is not a big thing, even Mahatma Gandhi was not highly literate – it is more important to be educated. Just going to college or an educational institution does not make you educated. It is a very important step we are taking, this is much needed for the younger generation to learn from us, it is for our own future.

Krishna Murari Gautam A.K.A Chatyang Master, August 2020